Test the Waters with a Pre-ICO

Raise money to prepare for an ICO using a SAFT


What is a SAFT?

A "SAFT" is a Simple Agreement for a Future Token. In its most simple form, its a contract to receive tokens in a future Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by a company in order to raise seed capital to build the website, whitepaper, smart contract, and other technology for a token.  It is considered a security, therefor requires investor accreditation, KYC, and a signed agreement, the "SAFT"


KYC/Investor Accreditation 

SAFT's require KYC and investor accreditation. GoPublic offers integrated KYC and accreditation compliance services that meet SEC requirements.



SAFT Agreement

We provide a SAFT Agreement template and attorney review to get your project started. Investors will be required to sign a SAFT agreement under US Securities laws, which is also included.