GoPublic is brought to you by the same team that built the worlds #1 private label equity crowdfunding software, CrowdEngine. We are using our experience and proven Compliance Engine™ technology to build a better way for consumers to buy cryptocurrencies with compliance in the US and other countries as they regulate. Our AML/KYC/Accreditation solutions allow ICO's to focus on marketing and sales, and not compliance.

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Jim Borzilleri
Founder & CEO
Brent Brague
VP of Sales
Carlos Garcia
Lead Developer
Dave Nelson
Senior Developer
Derek Page
Technical Support Manager
Dallin Ricks
Technical Support Agent
Valeria Roca
Quality Assurance

Experience at CrowdEngine

spent 4 years building the best white label equity crowdfunding solution for the JOBS Act. Many SEC approvals.

Q4 2017
Launch of product
and Pre-ICO

We will make our platform available to ICO's and token issuers in October 2017. We may consider a Pre-ICO based on the reception we receive from customers.

Q1 2018
Acquistion Phase 1

We will grow our user-base to over 1 million users through low-cost acquisition channels we have mapped out, to prove demand and conversion.

Q2 2018
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We will only launch our official ICO after a successful launch phase and use the capital to further fund user acquisition and scale platform.

Q3 2018
Acquistion Phase 2

We will keep acquiring users through an aggressive marketing plan using the funds from our ICO. We will also invest in infrastructure and create additional revenue streams.

Q4 2018 -
Continued development 

Continued development of the platform.